We dare you to bare your breasts in our photo challenges!

Keep an eye on the upcoming dares and submit your best photo before each deadline! Photos are posted on the site as soon as they get approved. Voting for each dare starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday. Prizes are awarded for each contest on the respective Sunday.

No New Dares Right Now ... Check back soon!


How It Works

Take a photo in theme with one of the upcoming contests.

Submit it via email (from your phone or computer) to BoobDare.com. You can also use the Upload Form.

Visitors vote on their favorite photo for the current challenge.

The winner of the most votes for each contest wins an Amazon gift card (via email).

  A few quick rules and suggestions: TO PARTICIPATE: In order to submit photos, you must be a member of RateMePlease.com. (Create a free account today!) The prize starts at $5 USD (Amazon.com gift certificate) and increases with each each contestant (after the 5th one.) See full submittal instructions here. TO VOTE: No need to sign up anywhere to vote — but do vote carefully, because you only have one choice per contest!
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